Aims & Objectives

Aim of NICHI

To strengthen links between PHA and local communities in order to support local communities, through a community development approach, to address health and social wellbeing issues and reduce health inequalities through signposting, building capacity and strengthening local accountability to develop healthy, sustainable communities and health champions.

Aim of Health Alliance

To provide a mechanism for community groups, voluntary and statutory sectors to network, share information and best practice, engage in evidence based health improvement, access training and capacity building opportunities and contribute to shaping the health improvement agenda.

Health Champions

Community health champions are individuals identified within a community to volunteer and use their life experience, understanding and position of influence to help their friends, families, communities and work colleagues lead healthier lives. Through training and support the community health champions are able to inspire and support others to make positive lifestyle changes.

NICHI Objectives

NICHI Model / Framework – Communities Improving Health

  • To implement the NICHI model ‘Communities Improving Health’ / framework with identified communities within the Northern locality

Health Alliance

  • To further develop the Health Alliance to ensure it is effective and meaningful to communities and statutory organisations in shaping the health and social wellbeing improvement agenda


  • Promote and support quality, best practice health related training and education programmes opportunities within local communities
  • Commission and support the delivery of quality, best practice training programmes on; Our Community, Healthy Behaviours and Strengthening Collaboration within the local communities


  • To promote and support funding opportunities within local communities
  • To facilitate the NICHI small grants scheme ‘Understanding Health Matters’ to build capacity and support health and social wellbeing improvements at community level within the Northern locality, with funding priority given to projects delivered to communities in the top 20-30% most disadvantaged SOAs

Partnership Working

  • To continue partnership working and engagement with stakeholders in supporting local communities address health and social wellbeing issues and reduce health inequalities, in conjunction with PHA

Best Practice / Capacity Building

  • To develop NICHI and Health Alliance networking opportunities and events as a planned approach across the Northern Locality to share information, best practice, build capacity and sustainability
  • To provide support to communities in relation to specific Health and Social Wellbeing Improvement themes at Northern locality level, in line with PHA thematic areas

Monitoring and Review

  • Continue to implement effective monitoring, review and evaluation of the NICHI project, including the Health Alliance and the NICHI model /framework