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Apex Housing Northern Lights Concert



Thursday 23rd Feb 2023, 7.30 – 10.00 pm


This is a proposal of one concert produced by Peter Corry Productions on behalf of Apex Housing Association for their Shared Housing Programme to positively promote the culture and history of Northern Ireland to families and individuals now settled in NI but originally from another country and background.


The idea is for an uplifting and entertaining evening which gives the audience more of an insight into Northern Ireland, its culture and history through its music, dance and spoken word.


An evening hosted by well known actor Ian McElhinney.


A troupe of Irish dancers led by Lauren Smith from Newtownards who was the principal dancer in the World tour of Riverdance for 5 years.


A Highland piper to represent the strong Scottish connection, I would also include a Robbie Burns song and Lochlomond/Red is the Rose which is originally a Scottish song which came over here (and we changed the words and improved it!). The concert would also include 2 male and 2 female singers who would be accompanied by the musicians.


A band made up of traditional musicians/plus one or two more up to date instruments to accompany the dancers and singers.


The Lambeg Boogie, this is a performance by two musicians featuring the Lambeg drum, peculiar to Northern Ireland and the electric guitar. This piece is highly entertaining and allows the host to illustrate the strong connection between Ulster Scots and Irish music and Bluegrass music.


Apart from hosting the evening Ian would also read a short story about Antrim and in particular the Courthouse. It sets the evening in context and with sensitive and easy to understand wording, it gives the audience an insight into our history. This section would be underpinned by music.


A young group of performers from the Antrim area would also sing in the evening and assist Ian as he introduces the audience of the A-Z alphabet of saying said in Northern Ireland.