Halifax Foundation: Rolling

Scheme Provider
Halifax Foundation
Level of Grant Available
Up to £1,000>
Types of Initiative Funded:

https://www.halifaxfoundationni.org/programmes/community-grant-programme Our community grants programme will support charities to react to this pandemic, prepare to reopen services or adapt their services accordingly, and to restore/renew in order to deliver what may be for many a new way of life.
If you feel your proposed project can commence within the next three months, you are eligible to apply to the foundation or support.
Charitable Status
The following groups may apply:
• Charities registered with the Charity Commission
• Charities ‘deemed’ on CCNI’s combined list
• ‘Non-deemed’ on CCNI’s combined list, provided they can supply their HMRC letter confirming charitable status
• Constituted groups with a governing document, board of trustees/directors and a recent set of accounts (£1,000 max award)

Priority Groups/Areas:
Opening Dates:
Further Information: