Heritage Lottery Fund: Heritage Enterprise

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Hertiage Lottery Fund
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Heritage Lottery Fund: Heritage Enterprise
Heritage Enterprise supports enterprising community organisations across the UK to rescue neglected historic buildings and sites and unlock their economic potential. You can apply for a grant from £100,000 to £5million.

Scheme details

Historic buildings are known to attract thriving businesses, and yet many of them lie vacant and derelict. With a Heritage Enterprise grant you can breathe new life into historic sites by repairing, adapting and giving them a productive new use. By funding much of the repair costs they hope to encourage private developers to work with community organisations to deliver commercially viable schemes.

Heritage Enterprise projects should achieve all of the outcomes listed below.

Outcomes for heritage

With their investment, heritage will be:

Better managed
In better condition
Outcomes for people

With their investment, people will have:

Developed skills
Learn about heritage
Outcomes for communities

With their investment:

Environmental impacts will be reduced
Your local area/community will be a better place to live, work or visit
Your local economy will be boosted
They fund projects that make a lasting diference to heritage, people and communities in the UK. A Heritage Enterprise project will have the potential to unlock a heritage asset in need of investment and utilise it as a stimulus for economic growth. They anticipate in most instances that this will involve the repair and adaptation of a historic building or a coherent group of historic buildings for an end-use that generates a sustainable commercial income.

Under Heritage Enterprise you are not required to provide open public access to the heritage once your capital project is completed, but they do ask you to look for opportunities for people to develop skills and learn about heritage during the lifetime of the project.

Priority will be given to projects that are located within areas of the UK experiencing economic disadvantage. Projects do not need to be located within designated areas of deprivation but we will ask you to define the economic need of the area and the difference your project will make.

They will also give priority to projects that focus on heritage assets which are both:

Considered to be ‘at risk’ (e.g. identiied on an ‘at risk register’);
Formally designated (e.g. listed or locally listed building, scheduled monument, or in a conservation area).


Priority Groups/Areas:
Neglected historic buildings
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