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W G Edwards Charitable Foundation

The W G Edwards Charitable Foundation is an independent grant-making charity, which assists with the provision of care for older people. The Foundation assists with capital projects, refurbishment and equipment in addition to innovative schemes for ongoing care.
Scheme details
Trustees give to charitable causes at their discretion, within carefully considered criteria laid down by the Founder. The aim of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life for the over-65s who live in the UK. Grants are given to UK-based charities that can demonstrate how they are making a difference to peoples’ lives. Trustees will also consider making donations to registered charities based in the three Crown Dependencies.
General Information
 Trustees are interested in supporting a diverse range of charities which support older people, from large institutions to small community-run organisations.
 Around 50 organisations each year are successful in obtaining grants usually between £1000-£5000. The average grant is £2200.
 The Foundation was established to support capital projects and innovative projects but is unable to assist with running costs or salaries.
 If your charity has a mixed age group of beneficiaries, the Foundation will consider a donation if around 80% are over the age of 65.
You can apply to The W G Edwards Charitable Foundation if your charity fulfills the following criteria:
 Your charity is based in the UK
 Your charity is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, or the Regulator for Charities in Northern Ireland
 The aim of your charity is to help people over the age of 65
 You are applying for assistance towards a capital project such as refurbishment, furniture or equipment.
 You are applying for assistance towards an innovative project such as IT for the elderly, fitness classes, lunch clubs, gardening projects, etc.
Their grants are loosely divided into Health and Community categories.
Health and welfare
The Foundation gives grants for refurbishment of residential care housing for the elderly and for building projects which are nearing completion. Trustees also consider the provision of equipment to enhance care and improve quality of life.
Community and innovation
The Foundation supports community initiatives such as exercise classes for the over-65s, lunch clubs, horticultural therapy and day trips. They also consider grants for technology projects aimed at benefitting the over-65s, however they do not fund IT for staff/volunteers.
View last years report to see what they typically fund.
The Foundation is unable to give grants for:
 Buying or leasing transport, i.e. minibuses
 Salaries
 General campaigns
 Revenue funding, i.e. items for everyday use such as sheets etc.
 Building projects in the planning stages
 IT which is for the use of administration
 Retrospective items
 If your charity has received a previous grant, you must wait two years before applying for another grant.
They also do not support individuals or overseas projects


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Older People
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