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Overcoming Loneliness Programme launch Event Tuesday 4th October at Verbal

We are only 1 week away from the launch event of our Overcoming Loneliness Programme on Tuesday 4th October at 11.30am.

 The purpose of this programme is to support the establishment of meaningful social relationships and social integration which are critical to enable emotional fulfilment and emotional development.

Loneliness has been associated with many negative mental health outcomes and a consensus within the existing research literature that loneliness is regarded as a major source of psychological stress particularly when it presents comorbidly with depression. This programme is therefore designed to be applicable to a wide range of individuals and groups within the community to address social isolation, experiences of loneliness and the potential distress associated with this. It is hoped that this will help individuals reach out and increase capacity for self-compassion and sense of belonging. The programme seeks to furthermore address barriers in order to help build trust and meaningful relationships.

We look forward to having you join us at the Verbal on Tuesday 4th October where the Commissioner for Older People NI Eddie Lynch will join us to celebrate the launch of this exciting new programme. Come along and sample a session from the programme and see how it can help overcome loneliness.


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