NICHI Supported Community Projects

This is a report on a NICHI project



The aim of our project was to convert one our rooms at SENSE NI into an updated Sensory Room accessible for all individuals who access the day centre.

The grant enabled us to organise:

  1. Music For Well-being sessions including 1-1 sessions
  2.  Aromatherapy sessions
  3. Revamp sensory room
  4. Physical activity sessions including walking and chair based exercise

The NICHI Project in Impact Network NI has supported SENSE NI since June 2016. The group applied for funding from the NICHI Model Pilot to deliver activities such as music for well-being, aromatherapy, physical activity and updated sensory room. The project ran from June 2016 and completing in January 2017 benefiting all who access the day centre.



SOLAS Moyle works to promote positive health & wellbeing in the Moyle area and have been focussed on wellbeing improvement since 2010. They have previously delivered wellbeing programmes funded by the PHA and currently deliver over a range of group programmes and individual.

Through the NICHI ‘Communities Improving Health’ Programme the group intend to develop an adaptive complementary therapy programme to support families affected by a cancer diagnosis. The support would have two main threads:

  • Support for family members or carers in dealing with the emotional impact the diagnosis & treatment and help them remain strong to be in a better position to offer support
  • Where gaps exist in locally based services, offer help to relieve the side effects of treatment and enable people to cope better with the effects the disease has on their emotional wellbeing.


The Open Door

The soul purpose of The Salvation Army in Larne, is to bear the name of Jesus Christ in the community and corps, through service and fellowship. The Open Door Project is available to members of the community every Tuesday and Thursday from 10.30am to 1pm. In early 2017 they completed a health literacy course facilitated by Education Matters.

Under the NICHI ‘Communities improving Health’ Programme the group will be focusing on physical and mental health through walking football for older women and men who would like to engage in an activity initially at a slower pace.

The group also wish to focus on emotional and social wellbeing through engaging on a six week 5 Steps to Wellbeing course.