Networks Involving Communities in Health Improvement

NICHI was established in 2009 through Public Health Agency funding. The project operates across the Northern Locality and is managed by the local Community Support Networks. The aim of NICHI is to support the involvement of communities in improving health and social wellbeing and reducing health inequalities.

Our activities include:

  • Talking to communities to identify their needs and assets in relation to health improvement (see Mapping)
  • Supporting a community development approach to improving health and social wellbeing at a local level (see Communities Improving Health)
  • Promoting access to quality training and education programmes (see Training)
  • Supporting groups to access health-related funding opportunities (see Funding)
  • Organising networking opportunities for community, voluntary and statutory organisations (see News & Events)
  • Building the capacity of communities to engage and participate in shaping the wider public health agenda (see Community)


For further information on NICHI, or to arrange a meeting with your local Project Officer, please contact us.