Lord And Lady Lurgan Trust

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Lord And Lady Lurgan Trust
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£1,000-£5,000 >
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Lord and Lady Lurgan Trust

The Trust gives grants in the UK, usually in London and in Northern Ireland and South Africa. Grants are awarded twice a year and the total level of grants annually is approximately £80,000. Grants are generally made as single payments between £1,000 and £5,000.

Funding Priorities: The existing policy clearly identifies Northern Ireland and South Africa as geographical areas of interest with UK grants otherwise tending to be London-centric.

The grants in Northern Ireland are not restricted by particular categories but rather by the Trustees’ perception of need; this remains so in South Africa as well where many of the grants still reflect the particular interests of Lord, and particularly, Lady Lurgan. In the rest of the UK. the grants have a bias towards –
• Music and arts education and participation
• Deafness and other disabilities
• The elderly
• Medical relief including hospice support, and
• Medical research and reflect the charitable objects stated in the Original Trust Deed.

For further information: http://www.lurgantrust.org/

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