Older People’s Fund: Reducing Isolation Fund

Scheme Provider
Comunity Foundation for NI
Level of Grant Available
Up to £1,500>
Types of Initiative Funded:

Older People’s Fund: Reducing Isolation Fund
Managed by the Comunity Foundation for NI, the Older People’s Fund offers funding for projects that are planned and run by and for older people. Originally called the Turkington Fund, it was created with financial support from NICVA via resources from Turkington and Seapark and has grown significantly in recent years with additional investment from the Community Foundation and Atlantic Philanthropies. It is now split into three separate funds, with The Older People’s Fund Reducing Isolation being one of the three new funds.

Scheme details
Amount Available
Up to £1,500

Who can apply:
Fully constituted community organisations based within Northern Ireland
What can be supported?
Revenue costs, such as sessional costs for tutors/activity providers, venue hire, transport. Examples may include costs to develop an older people’s forum/club, in an area where there are none, or to develop an existing forum that will encourage isolated individuals to become more independent.
Capital costs, such as IT equipment, will only be considered if absolutely essential to the project.
NB An end of grant monitoring report must be submitted upon completion of the project.

Guidance Notes and Fund Criteria
Key Priority = Reducing isolation and vulnerability of older people and carers through supporting participation in activities where they haven’t happened before. Enabling active participation of older people in the community in decision-making and addressing of issues facing their sector
Applicants must demonstrate how older people and/or carers will be fully involved in the in the consultation and design of the project as well as the planning and delivery of the project.
Applicants must clearly demonstrate the need for the project and how this will support independent living.
A key priority for the Foundation will be that projects supported under this fund support the needs identified within their Vital Signs research.

Through their Vital Signs research they have found that older people are particularly concerned with:

GP waiting times – for most it takes at least 3 weeks to get a non-emergency appointment
Social isolation – it was recognised that many older people are experiencing social isolation. The benefits of befriending services and person contact were recognised as ways to maintain and ensure better mental health. This was the case for older people in both rural areas and major cities.
Antisocial behaviour (ASB) – this was of particular concern for older people living in urban areas. Much of this fear of crime is due to large groups of people gathering in areas.
They also found that older people are more likely to be in poverty (along with single working age adults, those living with disabilities and families with children).

​However it should also be recognised that the range of issues raised in Vital Signs affect older people, such as lack of opportunities for lifelong learning, poor availability and quality of public transport and the lasting impact (particularly around mental health) of troubles related violence.

There are some things that the grant aid cannot be used for:

Trips outside of Northern Ireland
Applications from individuals
Projects lasting longer than twelve months
Purchase of vehicles
Holiday schemes
Parties and shopping trips
Promotion of religion
Party political activity
Applications from statutory organisations.

Priority Groups/Areas:
Older People
Opening Dates:
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