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PPI – lunchtime Tuesday topic webinars 12noon-1pm

The Public Health Agency, in association with PROGRAMME The Consultation Institute (TCi), offers a series of three carefully prepared, interactive webinars on topical issues relating to Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) in Health and Social Care.

Involvement in the HSC Tuesday Topics The programme, in one hour sessions (12-1pm), will explore:

Tue 21st Mar – Best Practice Involvement in HSC 2023 – where do we stand? We pride ourselves across the HSC in N. Ireland for our sensitive approach to patients, service users and carers; we live in a relatively small, inter-connected community and understand our people. But how do we measure up against other organisations? Are we learning new methods? Using new technologies? This webinar will assess our progress in the Personal and Public Involvement sphere.

Tue 28th Mar- ‘Lived experience’ – how to involve those who receive HSC services and care; what are the best methods? We appreciate the benefits of ‘involvement’ across the HSC – we know it helps us make better decisions, and it’s a moral imperative as well as a legal mandate to show we understand the needs and views of our users. Nevertheless, are we engaging and consulting with those who have ‘lived experience’ of our services – what new techniques and processes are needed? How do we best deploy them?

Tue 4th April – The Politics of Involvement – what are the political pressures and opportunities to enhance our Involvement strategies? N. Ireland is a highly politicised environment, but currently without a functioning government at Stormont. This creates huge challenges for the HSC budgets, operations and transformation; but also for our involvement strategies. What do we need to do to understand the politics better, anticipate key issues and manage our work accordingly?

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