The best apps for exercise are:

moves-logo-206x206  Moves

  • Many of us spend a lot of time sitting down – at home watching TV, on our laptops, at work.  As a result, our bodies usually don’t get the exercise they need.  With the Moves app, however, you can track the distance you travel by foot or bicycle each day.
  • Your journey will appear onscreen as a storyline and the routes you’ve chosen to get from place to place will be highlighted on a map.  Perhaps most importantly, the app tells you the steps you’ve taken and the calories you’ve eaten, so you can chart your progress daily.

hotfitness5Hot 5 Fitness

  • Hot5 Fitness app offers high quality step-by-step workouts led by the top trainers in the industry. From abs and core to yoga and flexibility and everything in between, Hot5 contains pages and pages of 5-minute video workouts of every variety and difficulty level. Whether you’re looking for a quick 5-minute core blasting after a long run or a full 45-minute yoga session in your hotel room, this app offers something for everyone.

Pact Pact

  • For those who value money as incentive, this one’s for you. Formerly known as GymPact, this app encourages users to put their money where their mouth is. Users pledge a set number of days they plan to workout that week along with an amount of money they must put up.
  • Users must pay for each day they miss, but they get paid every time they complete a workout. Pact now features the option to connect with other tracking apps. A nutritional option is now available, too. Commit to eating healthy or pay the consequences.

30  Fit 30

  • For those seeking a more casual approach to exercise, this might be further up your alley. Human simply encourages you to reach your “Daily 30”—30 minutes of physical activity—whatever that may be for you.
  • Whether it’s running, dancing, or doing jumping jacks, all that matters is that you are being active for 30 consecutive minutes at a time. Human will track your movements and let you know when you’ve achieved your goal for the day.

NTC Nike Training Club 

  • This app is like having a personal trainer in your pocket, it has more than 60 workouts ranging from hour long sweat sessions, to quick 15 minute toners, that target every muscle in your body.
  • The more you use it the more “rewards” you get like exclusive workouts from athletes and celebrity personal trainers, all for free.

Tempo Run Tempo Run App (Great for a motivational boost)

  • Research shows that music can help you through a tough workout, and can help you burn up to 15% more calories.  But who has the time to slave over creating the perfect playlist, Tempo Run App does this for you, scanning through your music library categorising your songs and suggesting the perfect playlist for your run.
  • It’s simple interface enables you to skip through your tracks effortlessly, while the clear layout provides an at-a-glance view of your training history, keeping track of distance, time and calories. But more importantly, this means no more Westlife ballads ruining your momentum

map my run  Map My Run (Best for Runners)

  • This top rated app, ticks all the boxes for outdoor exercisers, this app logs your pace, distance, calories and allows you to plan and track routes you’ve just completed.  If running is not for you they also offer apps for walking/cycling/hiking.

daily cardio Daily Cardio Workout

  • Choose your workout length, pick a routine and you’re off. Moves are demonstrated in real time videos, so you know to keep going while the model is still working out, plus you can use your own personal playlist for extra motivation.

repREP Health and Fitness App (Great if you already have a Personal Trainer)

  • This app enables Personal Trainers to engage with clients between training sessions, via instant messaging while monitoring and tracking their daily exercise and dietary records.

fitocracy Fitocracy

  • Not a big fan of working out? Why not turn it into a game then? Fitocracy have done a great job of combining the fun of playing an online game with a motivating and effective workout program. Much like any great video game, there are enemies that need to be defeated, but their not Nazi zombies or elite soldiers, they’re weak muscles and body fat.
  •  As you play the game you’ll level up by earning points through increasingly difficult workouts, by beating quests an unlocking new achievements. Not a lone wolf? No problem, you can challenge yourself further by taking on your friends and inviting them to duel with you one-on-one.