Mental & Emotional Health & Wellbeing

In seeking to improve people’s emotional wellbeing, the Public Health Agency are keen not only to focus on reducing the risk factors that can contribute to poor mental health and lead to suicide, but also on increasing the protective factors, which can often have an overwhelming impact on the course of an individual’s life with an aim to empower and build resilience for all age groups and support them to make positive choices in relation to their own mental health.

The protective factors that are enhanced through the Northern Area services include:

  • Resilience & Coping skills
  • Conflict / problem solving skills
  • Encouraging Family / community connectedness & support
  • Input from key community gatekeepers
  • Effective care for mental and physical health
  • Tackling substance misuse and
  • Support for help seeking behaviours



Additional Information

For more support information on a wide range of practical and emotional support services and projects please check out the following:

Northern Area Directory of Services to Help Improve Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing


For hard copies please contact:
Andrea Graham, NHSCT, Health Improvement
Spruce House, Cushendall Road, Ballymena, BT43 6HL
Contact Tel: 028 2563 5375

Northern Area Training Directory

Directory of MH SP 2021-2022

The following reports and action plans are available on:

Development of the New Suicide Prevention Strategy for Northern Ireland – Pre-consultation Engagement Summary Report

Protect Life 2 Strategy For Preventing Suicide & Self Harm in Northern Ireland 2019 – 2024

Protect Life 2 Strategy For Preventing Suicide & Self harm in NI 2019-2024

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