Nutrition / Obesity Prevention

The prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased dramatically in Northern Ireland over the last twenty years, affecting both adults and children.  Obesity is associated with an increased risk of a range of physical health conditions, including heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, respiratory problems and joint pain.

Eating well is one of the most important things we can do to improve and help protect our health. No single food provides us with all the nutrients we need, so it is important to eat a wide variety of foods. For further information on nutritional information and eating well for adults, go to or why not complete the Food and Nutrition Survey NHSCT.


Choose To Live Better Campaign

Choose to Live Better is a current Public Health Agency (PHA) campaign.

Changes to our lifestyle can lead to a change in our waistlines, as well as our outlook which can affect our health. An easy way to find out whether your waistline is increasing your risk of developing serious illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes is to take the tape measure test as part of the Choose to Live Better campaign.

Help and support is on hand. For top tips, simple healthy recipes and some brilliant ideas simply visit our website at:

Choose to Live Better Leaflet

Cook it!

The Northern Trust Cook it! Team offers practical community nutrition education programmes, funded by PHA, suitable for a wide range of statutory, voluntary and community groups, delivered by trained Tutors.

Would you like to become a Tutor to deliver a Cook It! Programme?

Cook It! Programme – A six session evidence based practical nutrition programme, designed to support individuals within local communities to enhance their cooking skills and learn about eating a healthy balanced diet on a limited budget.

Food Values Programme – A four session budgeting programme that aims to make healthier food choices more accessible within a limited budget.

I Can Cook It! Programme – An eight session programme for those with a mild to moderate learning disability. The programme aims to increase participant’s knowledge in nutrition and food hygiene, enhance cooking skills and motivate change in healthy eating habits.

Cook it! Tutor training courses are currently being delivered throughout the Northern Trust area, for more information please contact

Cook it! Team Braid Valley Hospital,
Cushendall Road, Ballymena,
BT43 6HL Tel: 028 2563 5276

Health Alliance Website Cook It Course Overview



Safefood report ‘Whole systems approach to childhood obesity: A review of the evidence’


Food Fact Sheets

FOOD FACT SHEET Fruit and Vegetables – how to get five-a-day


Eat Well Primary School animated videos

During the webinar our Eat Well Primary school animated videos were launched. Find attached for sharing within your own organisation. Feel free to add these to your organisations website.

Note: You will need to register with VIMEO to access.


Eat Well To Be Well – Key Stage 1 – Keep Learning

Eat Well To Be Well – Key Stage 2 – Keep Learning

Eat Well To Be Well – Key Stage 1&2 – Take Notice


Health Literacy as presented by Claire Ramsey

Launch of Health Literacy animations.


Healthy Eating Information is available from the following links:

Dietetic Services


Public Health Dietitians Youtube link contains webinars about eating healthy and recipes to support Slow cooker/Cook It Programmes


Northern Healthy Lifestyle Partnership – Food for Thought webinar Click on the link for the recording – NHLP – FOOD FOR THOUGHT WEBINAR RECORDING  Passcode: Fu8%^pF?


Northern Obesity Partnership –

Northern Obesity Partnership – Info sheet – Nutrition, physical activty mental health-2022


A community Fridge is a space where everyone can share their surplus food, including donations from local businesses, producers, households and community gardens. Find your nearest Community Fridge –  Apps to source local perishable food to reduce landfill: ‘Olio’; ‘Too good to go’

BBC Good Food Quick and Healthy Recipes


Choose to Live Better – 85 recipes


Cooking on a Budget


Eat Well Live Well


Healthy Eating


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